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FlipSled Safety Features

Safety Features

Life Is Too Short To Be Injured

Discover important safety features of the FlipSled

Football Player Working out with FlipSled

Top 7 Safety Features


Injury Preventative Grip

The custom handle design allows the athletes to mimic explosive movements, such as the tire flip, with a palms down (pronated) grip instead of a palms up (supinated) grip. This pronated grip scientifically decreases the chances of tearing the bicep.

Adjustable Weight

Multiple weight pins allow athletes to follow the progressive overload theory. Train with the appropriate weight and become stronger by naturally adapting.

More Predictable Tracking

Due to a tires circular shape, tires bounce/roll unpredictably and can cause collateral injury to bystanders. The square rubber on the FlipSled lands and moves in a predictable way thereby minimizing the risk of injury to surrounding athletes.

Fire Code Alignment

Although tires do not ignite readily, if subjected to fire conditions they can burn rapidly emitting intense heat and large quantities of toxic smoke and are difficult to extinguish. You can confidently store multiple FlipSleds together without being concerned about violating fire code.

Spotting Handles

Spotters increase confidence, muscle development, and decrease the risk of injury. The custom handles on this sled provide the option to spot an athlete and is a great safety benefit regardless of skill level.

Eliminate Unnecessary Cuts & Bruises

Don't get torn up from tread or tire wire. Focus on training, not nursing avoidable wounds.

Bypass the Catch

Develop power without the catch. Some exercises, such as the power clean, require the athlete to catch the weight. Catching the weight limits the amount of weight that the athlete can move and also is where most injuries occur. Instead, finish the move completely.
FlipSled Being Lifted Safely

Prevent Bicep Tears

Although natural, the supinated grip (palms up) results in an elbow flexion that, when under load, puts a lot of stress on the distal bicep tendon. When this tendon is under too much pressure...

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Man Lifting FlipSled

Be Explosive, Not Injured

Some exercises, such as the power clean, require the athlete to catch the weight. This limits the amount of weight the athlete can move or increase the risk of injury...

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Football Player with FlipSled

Don't Strain, Adapt

It's too often you hear athletes that have been injured while weight training. And it comes from attempting a weight beyond their capabilities. They didn't work up to that weight either because they lacked the equipment. Or they denied...

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