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The Top Coaches & Trainers in the Game Trust the Flipsled® Training Sled

NFL Combine Trainer, Bill Welle
CEO Limitless Performance, Mike Barthelemy
MetroFlex Gym - Fargo, Fitness Center
Former All-Pro Linebacker, Chad Greenway


Indiana University
The FlipSled is comparable to when you first clench up with an experienced wrestler on the mat…you know it got real serious real fast because you can feel it. Great piece of machinery, well thought out and assembled. Combines the best aspects of a sled and tire and rolls it into one. Within minutes of having it out on the field my guys gravitated to it. Yea Buddy!
Chris Virtue, Indiana University
Christian Rusnock, Personal Trainer
The Flip Sled is Awesome!! We have been looking for something just like the Flip Sled for 10 years and finally our wishes have been granted! We can train our professional athletes down to our general population clients with the flip sled. Highly recommend this piece of equipment. Thank You to the great staff and outstanding customer service!!
Christian Rusnock, Personal Trainer
Jesse Davis, Head Coach, Wellesley High School
We love the Flipsled. It has added a whole new group dimension to our sled work in the offseason. Using the bobsled we are able to engage more athletes training at one time in a competitive environment.
Jesse Davis, Head Coach, Wellesley High School
BJ Williams, Head Coach, Barron High School
The FlipSled has been working out well. We’ve been enjoying the versatility of the sled in all the unique drills that can be done. It has worked as a great supplement to our strength training, and it will be a bigger part of strength training this offseason.
BJ Williams, Head Coach, Barron High School
Central Michigan
The FlipSled has been a major addition to our arsenal of strength training equipment, and has allowed us to expand our ability to best prepare our athletes for high performance situations.
Joel Welsh, Central Michigan
Ben Bergquam - Frontline America Warrior Fitness
I’ve worked out in many different ways at many different gyms and I haven’t found a product that kicks my ass and produces the results like the FlipSled does! If you want to be more powerful, if you want to be more explosive, if you want to win in the finish, you need to train with the FlipSled!
Ben Bergquam, Frontline America Host / Warrior Fitness Member
They are a beast. At first we didn’t know how the FS300 would be size-wise for some of our players, but it was great. The guys loved it, and we had a lot of excitement and enthusiasm that our guys were competing. Great workout and experience for our guys!
Donny Evans, Petersburg High School
Troy Davis - Louisville High School Ohio
We love the FlipSled! The sled is challenging and has multiple uses that are helping to prepare our players for real competition situations. In addition the variety of uses helps to keep our players motivated to use it.
Troy Davis, Louisville High School (Ohio)
Palm Beach Sheriffs Office
The FlipSled helps keep me mission capable and operation ready. For you young cats our there: Invest in your time, invest in your training. For you old dogs: Keep up the good fight.
Palm Beach Sheriff's Office
Chris Greisen - West De Pere High School
The Finisher FlipSled is a game changer!!! With moving into our new indoor facility, we were looking at what kind of sleds we should purchase. With the Finisher, there is no need to purchase anything else. It is so incredibly versatile. Looking at getting more when the new budget comes out.
Chris Greisen, West De Pere High School
Dwayne Davis - Mundys Mill
As the head coach for the Mundy's Mill High football team I am truly excited about our latest purchase to help develop and grow our football players. We use the Flip Sled at least twice a week during our winter workout sessions and look forward to using the sleds this summer. We are hopeful that we will be able to purchase two more sleds this spring.
Dwayne Davis, Mundys Mill
Marcus Endicott - Flushing High School
As a new Head Coach I am using the flip sled to help create a culture of toughness. Our Flip Sled/Finisher has been just that….tuff! Our kids love it and can’t wait to use it this summer to continue our improvement. We will be a Flip Sled team for life, we believe in it that much.
Marcus Endicott, Flushing High School
David Inserra - Maine South High School
The FlipSled has just upped our game ten-fold. The investment in the off-season will pay for itself during the season. Maine South Football is a huge believer in The FlipSled
David Inserra, Maine South High School
Southside Athletics
This is a must have. It’s the most durable piece of equipment I have every seen, it has generated incredible results, and all of our athletes use it.
Southside Athletics
Mike Barthalemy - Limitless Performance
I work with top equestrian Olympian horse riders, top NFL, NBA, MLB, and golfer athletes around the world and it’s been one of the best tools I’ve added to our facility.
Mike Barthalemy, Limitless Performance
Brian Ansley - La Quinta High School
I compare the FlipSled to a Swiss Army knife. The numerous functional multi plane workouts that you can use with the FlipSled, challenges athletes to a high degree and they enjoy it.  Every workout we have done with the FlipSled has been successful for our athletes.
Brian Ansley, La Quinta High School
Grant Norland - Inspired Athletx
The FlipSled can replace a sled, it can replace a tire, but when you combine those things, you really make it a unique piece of equipment that you can’t find anywhere else.
Grant Norland, Inspired Athletx
Ken Pytluk - Kenditioning Sports Performance and Training
The FlipSled has increased my strength and explosiveness tremendously. In Jiu Jitsu competition I went from barely being able to get a takedown/Judo throw to launching opponents off their feet to the floor.
Ken Pytluk, Kenditioning Sports Performance and Training
Chad Greenway - Former All-Pro Linebacker
Everything you do on the FlipSled you’re finishing like you’re on the field. I was always in great body position with my hips over my toes, ready to explode.
Chad Greenway, Former All-Pro Linebacker
Scott Sutherlin - Sutherlin Fitness and Athletic Performance
I am always looking for something new to challenge my clients. The FlipSled finished off my bootcampers in a way that few pieces of equipment have been capable of doing. They were left completely out of breath, with just about every muscle screaming for a break.
Scott Sutherlin, Sutherlin Fitness and Athletic Performance
Keith Weiss - Bulldog Strength and Conditioning
I’ve never had a piece of equipment you can use effectively on any terrain - turf, concrete, grass... I have my professional athletes, as well as everyday clients, using the FlipSled for strength, explosive power, and conditioning. It’s an incredibly versatile product.
Keith Weiss, Bulldog Strength and Conditioning
Frank Quido - BreakOut Athlete
At BreakOut Athlete get a ton of use out of the Flip Sled. We love the versatility for all of our athletes. We especially like the functional training it provides for our linemen. It absolutely transfers to the playing field.
Frank Quido, BreakOut Athlete
Steve Rux - Waukesha West High School
We use the FlipSled as a replacement to Tire Flips. It allows us to change the weight depending the strength and maturity of each of our athletes. We use it once a week in our strength and conditioning during station work indoors as well as outside.
Steve Rux, Waukesha West High School
John Ostos - MetroFlex Gym
Adding the FlipSled has allowed us to eliminate a handful of different size tires and a couple of sleds that were taking up good real estate. It is so universal for many different styles of training. Having the ability to customize the color options made it one of a kind and unique to our facility.
John Ostos, MetroFlex Gym

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